Leadership Members of the Eritrean

People’s Party Holds Public Meeting

At Shimelba Refugee Camp in Ethiopia


EPP Department for Information and Culture


On 12 September 2008, leadership members of the Eritrean People’s Party (EPP) held a three-hour public meeting at the Shimelba refugee camp in Northern Ethiopia in which an exhaustive explanation and clarification was given about the political programme and the political resolutions of the constituent congress of the broad based People’s Party held between 25 and 30 July this year.

The EPP delegation on visit to Shimelba consisted of Messrs. Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, head of the Department for Internal Affairs; Mohammed Asselo, Central Council member in charge of party membership matters in northern Ethiopia; Issa Mohammed, member of the leadership cluster in the Department of Internal Affairs.

Also explained in great length at the Shimelba public meeting, in which a large number of the refugee camp inmates attended, was the recent accord reached for closer relations between the EPP and the Eritrean Democratic Party (EDP).

Shimelba refugees actively participated in the discussion that followed the presentations and passed their recommendations for action against the dictatorial regime.

Well over 15,000 young Eritreans reside at the Shimelba refugee camp located not far

from the Eritrean-Ethiopian border. It is to be recalled that members of the Simret musical troupe from Shimelba graced with their songs and speeches the constituent congress of the EPP in Addis Ababa last July and finally declared their membership in the new party.


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